Timberframe Contractor | Brookfield, CT

Old Mill Builders is the premier builder of timberframe post and beam custom homes, barns and farm houses in Western, Connecticut. Our experienced timberframe contractors specialize in building custom timberframe buildings with precise workmanship and energy efficient designs. From your initial design consultation through construction we work closely with our clients to ensure we will deliver the property envisioned.

Your property’s frame will likely be the highlight of your home and with a combination of elegant design, fine detailing and 200 year old oak timbers, our team builds the highest quality timberframe homes and buildings on the market today. Whether you are looking to give your property a rustic or more contemporary look, we offer extensive styles of wood and finishes. To view some of our completed timberframe homes, barns and farm houses please view our Portfolio.


To learn about about our custom timberframe homes, barns and farmhouses or to get starting on your new construction, please contact our team today at, 203.546.8860.

General Contractor | Brookfield, CT

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